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docomo 5G Open Partner Program helps your collaboration with partners to expand 5G solutions, and supports social implementation.

docomo 5G Open Partner Program® is an initiative to widely generate new businesses with business partners through 5G utilization, and provides opportunities of 5G related information exchange and communication in addition to 5G experiences. At present, over 5,200 enterprises have joined the program.
The program is available free of charge. If you are looking for a collaboration partner, please feel free to contact us.
Business matching for collaboration

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Matching Support

docomo 5G Open Partner Program Office When you consider solution implementation or collaboration, docomo sales representatives will hear your requirements and introduce partner companies that have appropriate solutions and assets.

Connecting with partners

Over 5,200 partner companies docomo 5G Open Partner Program started in February 2018, and has grown to the extent of over 5,200 companies. docomo intends to expand the program by involving to create new use scenes leveraging 5G with a wider range of partners.

Collaboration with partners leading to solution creation and social implementation docomo 5G Open Partner Program have created a number of solutions and achieved social implementation by nicely matching the assets of solution partners with the needs and issues of field partners. Partner companies from various fields will create even more diverse solutions in line with expansion of the program.

Partners by industry

Media, finance/insurance, transport/traffic, education/other organizations, and medical

Solution examples

Video transmission
'Telework Robot™'
'ugo®(Security spec)'
'AceReal® for docomo'

Matching with Partner Companies If you have any business or project that you would like to carry on with a partner or if you are looking for technologies and solutions, we advise you to take advantage of “Connected Message Board”. For details including How to Use, please see “About Connected Message Board”.
We would be pleased if it helps you solve your issues.

How to Join

This program is available free of charge. If you are looking for a collaboration partner, please feel free to contact us. Program Office will reach you.

  • ・You may not be able to receive emails from DOCOMO when you set email rejection against unsolicited emails. Please check your reception settings and make sure that you can receive emails from the domain of ‘’.
  • ・Please fill in the required information in the email, and send it back without changing the subject.
  • ・If you are engaged in the same business with us, we may decline your application for the program.
  • ・The program does not require you to pay any initial fee and annual fee.
  • ・Basically, enterprises and organizations with legal personality are entitled to join the program.

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※ ‘Telework Robot’ is the trademark of Smart Robotics Co. Ltd.

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※ ‘AceReal’ is the registered trademark of SUN CORPORTATION.